About us

Impacto 21 is a consultant firm formed by a team of leaders whom trains business entrepreneurs. We dedicare ourselfs to provide consultancy, provide techniques and materials to all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs whom want to improve their performance.

What we do

We train and form current entrepenuers and future entrepenuers, providing development tools based on coaching, leadership and team building.

How we do it

We teach a system that works based on 21 steps that guarantees to those who apply it the achievement of extraordinary results.

Our purpose

To continuously optimize the process that leads people to be more efficient in their work improving their results and leadership with their teams.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as a fundamental tool for achieving goals and objectives, taking as fundamental pillars professionalism, commitment and excellence in the consulting services, staff training and coaching.

Our Mission:

Improve the performance of our clients, whether they are individuals, companies or institutions. To that end we stay updated on an ongoing basis, seeking to adapt to the market needs and our customer requirements.

Our Values:

We urge our customers to work holding these core values:


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