INTERVIEWS: Alejandra Tarazona Rincón

Transform adversity

Alejandra was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. With just 21 years old, currently leads the Pasto team: "we are training leaders for continuing to expand around the world, and first and foremost, teaching to dream as I'm still doing” she said. We invite you to discover a leader who knew how to fight adversity to transform it into a real opportunity.

She defines herself as an obedient, loving and tolerant person. The charisma and loyalty are characteristics of her being. Her mother learned the value of honesty and responsibility: "A working woman, the best in everything what is proposed", expressed. It has two brothers, Luis and Silvia: "both brought me experiences and are mirrors of life by being older than me". Thus we begin to know the story of Alejandra Tarazona Rincón.

On leaving school, she began studying business management technology. It became Impacto21 through Fabián Lizcano, who was working as a supervisor and training in Bucaramanga. "There came a team of enthusiastic, cheerful and very helpful." It was something strange for me, but I was simultaneously contagious me the energy that I felt. So, I started my training with Fabian and, then, with a new coach, Nicolás Rodríguez, someone Extrovert, committed, determined, persevering, stubborn in always being number 1 and achieve their goals."

In those moments, she reflects, she was someone complaining and very sensitive, without many responsibilities and many excuses, "worried of what others will say, living in a bubble". However, little by little, started to generate changes in their way of thinking and acting, to see things completely different, to appreciate more, both things that afforded him in his house and the knowledge that shared you your coworkers.

"At first, I did not receive the results wanted because my attitude was not entirely shocking, but grew little by little, my level of confidence thanks to the trust that my coach generated in me," she says.


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